Spacey Space

This month PEARL chatted to one of the men who’s been in the game since before began, literally. Standing two meters tall he isn’t hard to spot behind a set of decks. A man of few words, sporting a powerful moustache and thick black framed glasses, he is a musical Idol to those who flock to see him at many of his weekly residencies, Fake Tits At Tramp, Juke at Prince and gigs at Capital, Wah Wah, XS Disco and Circus, just to name a few. But no other venue could match the welcoming and set you witness at Revolver Upstairs on a Sunday which comprises of standing ovations, rounds of applause and wolf whistles to turn you deaf.

The man is Spacey Space.  He has played with some of the biggest names in business, Claude Von Stroke and Squarepusher as well as festivals such as Earthcore, Big Day Out Boiler Room (RIP) and Future Entertainment events. Ticking all the boxes  on what I would call an awesome Bucket List, he has hosted his own radio show on Kiss FM, had dumplings named after him at Colonel Tan’s restaurant and produced audio content for a demo version of an Xbox game ‘Heroes of the pacific.’ Stay tunes folks, the man has more to come.

PEARL: So we’ve heard you are originally from Drouin – what made you make the move out to the big city of Melbourne?
SS: Drouin is a lovely town and I still get back there every now and then but I knew the city was for me since I started commuting to go to high school in South Yarra. But I’m not sure why, the city runs deep. Maybe because I was born in Crown Street, Sydney?

PEARL: Where did your passion for music come from, what inspired you in the early years?
SS: I suppose my Dad’s record collection (jazz, rock and classical) was an influence. My Grandma gave me some Hanna-Barbera LPs when I was very little and I still love those records. 

PEARL: What is the story behind your DJ name?
SS: It was given to me by some American basketballers I played with in my late teens. Then I needed a DJ name and just used it for a laugh and it stuck.

PEARL: How did you end up playing gigs Revolver – a question many ask themselves only for all the right reasons on a Sunday morning of afternoon?
SS: Haha.. Right place, right time, right records… something like that.

PEARL: Describe your sound? (Heaven to the ears has already been taken)
SS: That’s a tough one. I might leave the answer to that question to other people.

PEARL: What do you do when you aren’t DJing? A little birdy told me that you are studying Psychology?
SS: Yes, I’m doing an online Grad Dip in Psych. So now, tell me more about this “little birdy” that talks to you..

PEARL: Are you still producing, if so are any of the tracks going to be released?
SS: Yes I am. I have a few old things on Beatport with more to come.. Stay tuned..

PEARL: How do you power through some of your sets, some go for longer than 5 hours, do you stash Up and Go’s under the decks?
SS: Physically, five hours set are easy… I’ve been doing them since the early days of the Five Hour Challenge at Honkytonks… But more than five hours is tough. I start to lose it, aurally…

PEARL: What are your plans for the rest of the year – apart from gigs will you be playing at any festivals?
SS: I won’t be playing any festivals this calendar year my diary is full up!

PEARL: Favourite track at the moment?
SS: Kookaburra – Coober Pedy University Band

PEARL: Favourite artist right now and why?
SS: Seeing Kraftwerk do their 3-D show at the Opera House puts these innovators back at the top for me. Unbelievable.

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