Musings, Meanderings & Nonsense (September 2014)

THIS MONTH: Things my friends say…a collection of funny and ridiculous conversations!*

…Don’t judge me, but I have a quote book!
*Names have been replaced with initials to save embarrassment and reduce death threats

A: Bargains, bargains everywhere, I love a good sale.
MW: Yeah me too.
A: You don’t sound too enthused.
MW: Well it’s just annoying, there’s only a size 6 or 16 left. It’s like they tempt you with the prices, and then screw you with the sizes.

MT: “I was cleaning out my car, vacuuming out the boot you know, and when I looked into the spare wheel compartment I found my watch. That beautiful watch I got for my birthday, I have no idea how it got in there, but it reminded me of the rewards in cleaning. Plus, I found a half eaten Freddo in the back seat, it was melted but dayum…still tasty.”

C: God I ate so much
A: Well that’s what a degustation of 12 courses will do to you
C: (gets up and starts a bending-squat with a moan)
A: You okay?
C: Yeah just digesting
A: I didn’t know that movement helped with digestion
C: Well I have a food baby, so if it helps women in labor it should help me with this.

K: How do I look?
TF: (mutual frenemy, aka part time friend, sometimes a real Beotch): Don’t you think it’s a little short?
K: Can’t see my cooker, should be all right.
TF: What about your dignity, don’t you worry about that?
K: No, not really. I have a Bachelor in Biomed and I’m studying a Masters in Medicine, one day I’ll save lives. I have enough dignity to last me two life times.

AM: Well as they say, varietal wine is the spice of life
C: I’m pretty sure they say ‘variety is the spice of life’
AM: Well clearly they’ve never tried a Tempranillo

L: You know what I’ve just realized about this movie? If you take the f word out, it would be a silent film.

In regards to Game of Thrones…
AM: Excuse me but why do the men always get the swords; she’s standing right there. Women have far more experience with long pointy things.

My friend as I get into her car…
MH: We meet again young Rabi
A: I’m sorry, what?
MH: We meet again young Rabi
A: You mean Jedi don’t you?

MW: They asked in my Philosophy tute today about whether we were a half glass full or half empty kind of person. It was cliché but kind of interesting.
A: What are you? Are you a half empty or half full kind of gal?
MW: I said I didn’t care whether the glass was half full or empty as long as it had wine in it.

L: Do you ever think about going back to England.
A: Oh Lord no, I’m too tanned, I doubt they’d let me back in.
L: You’re like the whitest person I know.
A: Perhaps, but you’ve never seen an English person have you?

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