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September - "Best MTV VMA Video OF The Year Awards"

Outkast – Hey Ya!
It’s without a doubt one of the best songs in the last decade. Outkast took it to a whole other level with their Beatles-inspired video clip. The Love Below will always hold a special place in all our hearts.
Eminem – The Real Slim Shady (Edited)
Eminem set the benchmark for cool videos, it’s no wonder he took out the coveted VMA Video Of The Year Award back in 2000. Blonde tips, baggy jeans and Fred Durst make this clip unforgettable.

TLC – Waterfalls
The year 1995 belonged to TLC. They were untouchable. They deserved every award that was thrown their way.
Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer
The stop-motion animation on this clip was the reason for this songs success. That and it was a pretty catchy song. Good old 1987.

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball
And here it is. The winner of the 2014 VMA Video Of The Year Award. We all knew it was coming and yet now that it’s here it’s still hard to swallow, or lick, if you’re Miley.

August - "Piano Greats"

Piano Phase (Solo) - First Solo Performance Ever
One piano wasn’t enough for this guy. Why settle for one when you can have two? He can use them, too.
Nothing Else Matters - Solo Piano, Scott D. Davis
Regular Metallica is always welcome. Piano Metallica should be, too. This cover adds a more sensitive and fragile tone.

Jarrod Radnich - Virtuosic Piano Solo - Pirates Of The Caribbean
This rendition of the ever catchy theme song to the movie that shouldn’t have delved into trilogy territory is more enjoyable than the second and third films.
Shuan Hern Lee "Flight of the Bumblebee" Child Piano Prodigy On Australia's Got Talent 2010
The kid has about 50 fingers. It’s just not fair. He’s been on the planet for about 5 years and already he can play better than most people.

Bogdan Alin Ota - Harald's Dream - Norske Talenter 2011
This Romanian prodigy deals with copy machines on a daily basis. He should quit his day job.

July - "World Cup"

Ricky Martin – La Copa De La Vida
When you think World Cup you think Ricky Martin and Cup Of Life. It’s probably one of the catchiest songs of 1998. France sure do know how to pick a theme song.
Shakira – Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) (The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Song)
The song has such a tribal element to it. It really suited the hosting country, South Africa. Shakira sure does bring her A-game when it comes to World Cup anthems.

Gloryland 1994 World Cup Song
Anything that features Daryl Hall is gold.
The Time Of Our Lives (The Official Song Of The 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany)
Il Divo is such a strange pick when sorting out stars to envision a World Cup anthem. You’ve got to give it to them; their effort really packs a punch. It’s emotional and inspirational and all about the glory.

Arrow – Hot Hot Hot Live!
It’s one of those songs that have been around for what seems like forever. Without it Mexican holidays would seem strange and uninspired.

June - "Eurovision"

Eurovision Song Contest 2004 Winner
The performance was definitely one of the more memorable winners from the contest. She looks like a cut-price Xena which makes it so much better. Who didn’t like Xena.
Tanel Padar & Dave Benton - Everybody
These guys know how it’s done. They ooze appeal with their early naughties haircuts and fashion sense. The song is cool too, in a lame kind of way.

Eurovision 1997 – Katrina & The Waves – Love Shine A Light
Now it’s not, I’m Walking On Sunshine, however, it’s a really powerful song if you really listen to it. The guitarist is having a grand old time.
1994 Eurovision Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan
It’s like a cross between Elton John and James Taylor. The song is really nice to listen to. When you think of Eurovision it’s more about extravagance whereas this is stripped back and raw. It’s worth a look at.

Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah (Finland) Eurovision Song Contest
This one is by far the best. Ghouls, hard rock and theatrics are all the ingredients of a good Eurovision winner. There’s no comparison to Lordi’s brilliance.

May - "Worst Covers"

The Final Countdown
This is an unrehearsed, sloppy pile of terribleness. You want to laugh but it just makes you sad. You have to hand it to the dude playing guitar. He’s like the glue of the group although it seems the adhesive has expired.
Another Brick In The Wall
This one is sneaky. It starts off not sounding all that bad. Once the chorus hits though, all hell breaks loose. It’s like they don’t understand the concept of rehearsal.

Worst Cover Band In The World
Why are they shirtless? The drummer can’t even drum. The guitarist hasn’t heard of timing and the bassist isn’t playing the same song by the sounds of things.
Hilarious Band Fail – Enter Sandman Cover
The singer forgets the lyrics at one part and so he just mumbles sounds. His showmanship is outstanding. It’s an awful racket this cover. A few guys who need to stop being a band or at least play an easier song.

Band Butchers Eric Clapton
The guy is drunk. It’s great to see that he’s giving it a crack but all he needs is a glass of water and a lie down.

April - "Kids Playing Guitars..."

Best Guitar Improvisation By 13yr Old Kid
This kid can shred. He’s got some pretty tricky techniques down which can be difficult for even the seasoned professionals. He should probably start a band.
North Korean Children
There’s something really odd about this video. There’s no denying these kids all have talent pouring out of every orifice of their bodies but why are they playing instruments twice the size of them. Is there any need?

Amazing Kid's Hendrix Guitar Solo!
This kid is definitely not a prodigy but she’s the cutest thing ever. She even has her guitar-god poses down.
Ten-Year-Old Guitar Prodigy Yuto Miyazawa Returns!
Ten-year-old Yuto has already played with Ozzy Osborne. It doesn’t get much better than that. He’s going to have a stand-out CV when he’s older.

8yr Old Guitar Prodigy Stuns Audiences
He’s a blues king this one. He has so many feels when he plays, too. His facial expressions are almost as good as his playing.

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