Along The Shorelines

Mornington Peninsula’s Along Shorelines are definitely the ones to watch.  Although being new to our music scene, this bands potential is very high.  Mostly composed of members that are 18 years old, this band’s sound is surprisingly mature for their age.  Their first ever EP Voices had almost exceeded its band camp download limit in the first 20 days, and honestly is not at all a surprise why people would want to jump on this refined sound.  Andy Newbigging (Rhythm Guitar), Sam Walsh (Lead Guitar), Tom Gregory (Bass and vocals) and Adam Eramo (Vocals) caught up with us at before one of their shows.

Another local band from humble beginnings, this band started from a series of failures that eventually bought together what Along Shorelines is today.  Newbigging and Nathan Sanderson (Drummer) formed a cover band out of mutual love for the music.  When this band fell apart they started a metal band that suffered the same outcome, through these failures, Newbigging and Sanderson decided to approach the music scene with a hard-core band.  Poaching members from school, TAFE and mutual friends, Newbigging and Sanderson pulled together Walsh, Gregory and Eramo to create Along Shorelines.  Drawing inspiration from hard-core and pop punk this band manages to find the sweet spot of music, fitting perfectly into a niche market.

Along Shorelines claim to go hard in their music, spending money where it’s needed, and going to the full extent required to impress fans of their music, never turning down an opportunity at hand.  These boys are probably one of the easiest going bands we’ve met to date, and they invite everyone to come and say ‘Hey’ after a show.  Appreciative of where they are now and what the future holds for them, Along Shorelines is definitely a band everyone should check out.  Their smooth mixing of genres truly results in something incredible.

Want more of Along Shorelines? Catch these boys at Fresh Entertainment’s Battle of the Bands Finals at Frankston Mechanics Hall August 9th and Bar 12 in Frankston August 24th.  For more details on the band visit and hear their EP Voices on Bandcamp.



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