Holi One – Festival Of Colours

30 Cities, 6 countries and over 1 million followers on Facebook.  The Holi Festival of Colours: the most colourful and epic festival is about to hit Australia. Be a part of this unique experience of electronic music, happiness and the most colourful day in your life.

Originally the festival takes place at the fullmoon day of the Phaluga month and belongs to the most famous celebrations in the northern parts of India. At this Hindu-Festival people celebrate the victory of the good over the bad and the beginning of spring.

The special feature is that the people paint themselves with various colours and are throwing the colourful powder in the air to express the freedom and to colour their everyday life. The most important thing is, that at this day all castes of the Indian caste-system are banned and put out of force. That means that at these celebration days all people are equal.

At this point the idea of bringing that special festival to the whole world arises. As there is a huge level of inequality in the world, people deserve a celebration where the everyday life steps back for a peaceful and harmonic being together. A pleasant and cheerful festival, which creates a sustainable feeling in the minds of the visitors and those who will read and hear about it. This event has the power to directly promote and foster the precious goods of equality and tolerance and bring people together.

Join us on Nov 8 at the Arts Centre Melbourne, Sidney Myer Music Bowl on November 8, for tickets or more information squizz www.holione.com.