Heidi’s Buskfest For Rosebud

Local girl Heidi Luckhurst has come up with a great concept to get Rosebud on the street music map and its called Buskfest.

The soulful blues singer/song writer came up with the idea when she realised that the area had little or no street performers, compared to Melbourne or other places on the East coast. The objective is to get 30 applicants to showcase their talent in allocated spots along the footpath running from Rosebud Primary School down towards Boneo Rd on November 8 between 10am and 1pm.

Musicians, acrobats and comedians of all ages are welcome to perform in a 45 minute slot with the participants able to collect donations from the audience combined with the added incentive of cash prizes and promotional vouchers. Winners will be chosen by the three main judges, Ian Pav, Michael Moss and Steve Bastoni. All 3 judges are highly experienced in the world of entertainment.

Heidi herself has lots of experience of musical talent, growing up surrounded by live music.  Her father worked as a recording engineer and bass player, brother Ryan is known as local performer Lucky and singer/song writer guitarist and Uncle Kelvin Blogg is Heidi’s current accompanying guitarist.

Heidi has music in her blood and it is this drive which has led to the creation of Buskfest with a helping hand from Chamber of Commerce and the generous support of free goods and services from all the other sponsors which include our very own PEARL Magazine and Pav music.

There will be plenty to see and do at the Rosebud Buskfest on November 8 whether you’re watching or taking part so make sure you are involved in some way. If you wish to apply go www.rosebud.org.au and fill in an application form. 



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