Nibbles & Naughties (September 2014)


I watched her picking over the apples. I could tell that she did not eat much organic food as she was looking for the ‘perfect apple.’

‘Can I help you with anything?’ I asked her

“I was looking for an apple for my daughter.” She said.

“These are organic apples.’ I thought I would tell her straight from the beginning.

“There are some gala’s up there in the bag, happy to open the bag for you if you would prefer one of those.” I continued.

“mmm” Was my reply. I took that as a yes and went to the fridge to break open the bag.

“We tend to have the apples when they are in season,” I started. “Otherwise they can be put in cold storage, sometimes up to 18 months.”

That got her attention, yay. I thought I would get some more in.

“They first wax the apples with their nice oil based chemicals, this is why the wax does not wash off under normal tap water.” I said. I still had her attention.

“Then the apples get sprayed with chemicals to stop them ripening and they pop them into cold storage. Here they get stored for anything up to 18 months and then when they need them they get taken out and sprayed with more chemicals to help them ripen up.” I managed to say my bit.

“Pretty amazing isn’t it?” I asked her.

She picked her perfect apple from the ones I had put into the basket. After my spiel I think she was willing to buy the apple.

“Apples are amazing, they are tonics for the whole body.” I thought I would say something nice.

“Yes my daughter loves them.” She said.

“That’s great,” I told her. “They are one of the best sources of Quercetin, a great antioxidant. As the old saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” I handed the apple to her daughter.

“You will like this one and you will be able to taste the difference,” I smiled and winked at her. I knew I had planted the seed and that was a job well done today.

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