Nibbles & Naughties (July 2014)


I see them all the time. They come in wearing their outfits. They are working out and working hard. This particular morning this young woman comes in and she is all red in the face. “Must have been a good workout.” I said

“Certainly was.” She said.

“What have you been doing?” I asked

“Cardio, some weights and squats.” She replied. “Had a great work out for 90 minutes.”

“Have you heard about High Intensity Interval Training?” I asked.

She shook her head as I handed over her green smoothie. “HIIT is the exercise that our ancestors used to undertake. Short bursts of high intensity exercise, followed by periods of rest. It has proven to be a far more efficient and effective means of exercise that is safer for your heart as well.” I said

She nodded as she slurped on her great green drink. “In 20 minutes are can achieve a better rate of health than those who exercise intensely for more than 5 hours a week. This makes it great for time keeping and for those of us who have a busy lifestyle.”

She carried on slurping. “We need only do it twice a week and those who exercise intensely for more than 5 hours a week were actually 19% more likely to have irregular heartbeat.” I carried on, I love statistics. “In fact irregular heartbeat is a key factor linked to stroke.”

I was glad she was listening to my story, there is plenty more of them, from where they came from. I thought I would be supportive. “I am glad you are out there exercising, good for you and I am glad it makes you feel good.” I finished. “Enjoy the rest of your day.”

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