Battle Of The Pier

The Oils and The Foo’ees go head-to-head on July 18 at Frankston’s Pier Live and will represent their respective countries in an Aussie’s Vs U.S.A rock’nroll-titlefight! 

The Midnight Oil Show, showcasing Australian rock legends Midnight Oil, and The Faux Fighters, representing American rockers from Seattle the Foo Fighters, come together in one massive rock-till-ya-drop battle.

These two powerhouse bands will play two big sets on the night with performances that have the potential to rock the roof off. You won’t be able to tell the difference between these guys and the real thing as they are so dedicated to producing the atmosphere and sounds of their idols.

The Faux Fighters came to life when lead by singer Dave Growl teamed up with Taylor Drumskins through a shared passion for banging drums and mixing redbull. Fuelled by their passion to form a band that plays the most awesome music off all time, they picked up bass dude Nate Mancave and former band mates Pat Sneer and Chris Leaflit, together creating the closest thing you’ll get to the real Foo Fighters.

In the Aussie Corner…Gary Hickman’s rockin’ portrayal of Oils vocalist Peter Garrett is big, bad and bald with all the moves to boot, bringin’ back the full visceral and transcendent power of Midnight Oil live.

This is the pairing of the century, and certainly not for the faint hearted!  Let’s rock!

Show your support for Aussie and American rock on July 18 at Pier Live, 508 Nepean Hwy, Frankston. More info check out For tickets call 9783 9800.



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