Yeah, Righto Traveling Shows are celebrating the diversity of Australia’s best up-and-coming musical acts. Music is fluid, and shouldn’t be divided, and that is why we are joining forces with some of Australia’s best acts to bring a huge range of music to venues all over the country. Rather than segmenting the industry, we are merging – it’s all a good time, and Yeah, Righto is here to prove it by traveling far and wide to spread the word, proudly waving the ‘Appreciate Music Diversity’ flag.

Join us for a night we will never forget, as we debut the traveling show with a lineup of ridiculous talent and showmanship on Friday February 9 at Mornington’s Grand Hotel from 7.30pm.  For detailed bios on all the exciting artists performing plus ticket information visit


Emilee South

Tempus Sun

MAXON (pictured)

Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum
Tim Ayre