The Psychos are back, mate!  Australia’s most legit export since Crocodile Dundee have announced the release of their eleventh studio album, Loudmouth Soup’ and have Mornington in their sights for a cracker show at The Grand Live on Thursday March 29.

They’ve also got a ripper new vid for your eyes to devour in the form of ‘Feeling Average’. And frankly, after singing about beers for more than solid three decades, it’s no surprise that the Psychos have finally delivered a song about the hangover from hell.

Having sent their previous record labels broke, the ‘Psychos will release Loudmouth Soup on April 6 on the band’s own label GO THE HACK Records. The LP was recorded last year on singer Ross Knight’s storied farm, Spring Plains, and produced by longtime collaborator Silvia Vermeulen. Flown into to the rugged fields of Eastern Victoria especially for the gig, Vermeulen has been the Psycho’s trusted live engineer in Europe for longer than they can remember.

Testament to their status as seasoned road dogs, the Psychos will hit the road shortly after album release, taking in just about every damn venue that can provide a cold brew and corner to play in.

They’ll bring the next generation of rock n roll along for the ride with them this time around. The Chats (yes THAT BAND that made the Smokosong) and Pistol Peaches, are two very bloody decent bands will accompany the Psychos when the hit Mornington on the epic Loudmouth Soup tour, making this lineup a hearty concoction of old and new.

Cosmic Psychos perform at Mornington’s Grand Hotel on Thursday March 29 with The Chats and Pistol Peaches. For more information and ticket details visit