Certainly one of the standout local acts of the last decade was Dave’s Garage!  Evolving from a super talented, super friendly network of next generation musicians, and an equally colourful, dedicated crew of loyal fans.  Dual vocals, from stereo beauty’s Bec and Caz set Dave’s Garage easily ahead of the rest filling local venues like The Royal and Level One like never before.  Oh the memories!

Stepping back to present day and back on the local stage is the delightful Caroline Wallace (aka Caz) alongside fellow Dave’s Garage guitarist Nathan Clayton in the new incarnation of Cazmagic.  With an extensive repertoire of favourites and expecting that magical twist of soul I remember only too well, will see me front row at a gig (or two) I’m sure!

Cazmagic perform Friday’s 4& 18 July at Vesbar, 80 Station St Somerville and Saturdays 12 July & August 2 at The Royal Hotel, Esplanade, Mornington.  For more details visit PEARLHQ.com.au



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