From The Song To The Sale (July 2014)

So we have worked out songs and have an idea for arrangement to be genre and commercially appropriate and know we have ‘enough’ of an audience to get some initial sales. Next we obviously need to look at budget and getting the funds together for the production process.

I know there are constraints but the goal I try and establish with every new client is, “to do as much as can and budget as high as can so quality and the end product is the best it can be for your potential level of audience/sales.”
Sometimes you have the desire for a big budget production, but don’t have the funds , you may need to wait till the money is saved, but there are a few options for getting extra funds.

Detailed discussion of CD costing and funding options is too long for a column of this size – but I posted full articles on both areas in May over on my WordPress blog – check out info on CD costing HERE and funding options HERE.

So now you have the budget, you can now work out (independently or with your producer) a project time line. May I suggest that unless you are experienced in the recording process (and even then), you allow 1,2 or even up to 4 months, more than you initially estimate for the completion of the process and CD release. There can be unexpected delays, factors outside your control that can throw out the schedule- someone sick on the day booked, trying to fit in with mastering or studio availability, the need to rework parts after listening to a partial mix, etc. For example, locking in the pressing too early can be an issue if there is any delay to the mastering, or graphics being prepared. You need to stay flexible and not get too worked up when some of these situations arise – it happens.

Therefore, for anyone doing their first CD I strongly suggest they do not lock in anything to do with a ‘launch’ or announce any definite release dates early in the process. In fact a lot of experienced independent artists wont organise a ‘launch event’ until the CD is in pressing (even if that means it occurs a few weeks after release). This way you manage expectation of your potential buyers so they aren’t disappointed before they even hear the product.

Now, we are almost ready to start recording…..

With 37 years experience in the industry, Ian Pav is a producer, mentor and owner of PavMusic (studios and production). Now living in Rosebud and building his new production studio there, Ian is looking to work with clients around the Peninsula as well as his ongoing clientele around Australia & overseas. You can see more or contact Ian via or learn more music industry business info thru his wordpress blog