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As most of us are still flicking back pages in the book, reminiscing of those few mental days spent out in Pyalong only a few months back, the team behind the Annual Victorian dance and electronic festival Earthcore crew are back again in December and have dropped their jam-packed first round artists announcement on us.

Transport to an incredible place, embrace the music, lifestyle, culture, mind-bending performances, deranged stunts, arts, unbeatable vibes, good times, and thousands of your closest mates in the beautiful countryside of Victoria. Located just under 90 kilometers outside of Melbourne, Earthcore returns with yet another huge five day event which will feast for all the senses. The monstrous lineup this year comprises of over 40 cutting-edge international acts including some of the most in-demand DJ’s and producers on the planet right now.

To kick things off we have São Paulo’s Alex Stein, bringing from the land of his ancestors the natural orientation for electronic music, which led him to seek expertise in music production at a very young age. Equipped with an extremely danceable and versatile sound ranging from funky Tech-House to rolling Techno, he has established a strong position in the top end of Brazil’s largest parties and festivals.

If you haven’t heard of Anklepants, then you’re in for a treat. From the depths of the Australian bush comes this multi faceted shapeshifting convict, Reecard Farché. A concoction of music, character design, creature effects and animatronic control – this project is prominently electronic music aswell as acoustic instruments, animal sounds, field recordings, controllers, microphones and mutated toys. Oh, how could I forget his mask? His eyes nose facé and mouth are perfect – errh, have a look for yourself. Below is the link for one of the weirdest Boiler Room sets you will ever lay your eyes upon.

Repeat offender Captain Hook will be making his much anticipated return again this year. The most innovative act to ever hit the worldwide psychedelic dance music scene. The Captain Hook futuristic sound has taken dancefloors down roads and paths never before explored, opening doors of the perception, new ways of thinking, and blurring the boundaries of our genre based music classification.

A German techno pioneer and the driving force behind CLR – Chris Liebing was one of the first DJ’s who fully embraced the digitalization of music in a consequent and creative way. The real-time manipulation of the individual elements plays an important role in his sets, and due to the high level of co-opration with various software and hardware makers, his current setup offers him practically endless possibilities. His sound has continuously evolved during his dj career, but has always stuck through with his Techno roots.

Heavily praised for his versatility, DJ and producer Danny Daze continues to smash expectations with an omnivorous groove rooted in Detroit Techno, Italo Disco, and Miami Bass. Daze’s freeform selecting and mercurial mixing guarantees the only thing audiences can expect is a musical experience where everything is up for grabs. Combined with his entrepreneurial acumen, Daze’s touch has made him one of his generation’s most compelling artists.

Grouch encompasses the audible tales of New Zealand born producer Oscar Allison. born and raised in the breathtaking surrounds of Aotearoa-New Zealand, the incredible backdrop infused and ignited a passion for dub and ethnic percussion which would later form the basis for his electronic journeys.
Experimenting with electronic music since the late 90’s, testing the waters of Dub, Hip Hop and Drum and Bass before discovering a talent for more Dance orientated productions – which in more recent years have lead him to spend extended periods traveling all around the globe.

If you know Pig&Dan’s work, then you know that they are well known for producing and playing music that is far from linear. They’re always looking to push the envelope with genre-bending music and are devoted to creating something special that gets right under your skin and elevates the spirit, as a result, Pig&Dan are constantly spreading their word by playing at some of the best clubs and festivals worldwide week-in-week-out. Their mixture of influences have helped them create them such a unique sound, which is easily recognizable and seems to be loved by the masses.

Rødhåd has been socialized by Berlin’s looptechno nights and always finds the perfect balance of timeless techno to lift the dancefloor higher and higher. His style is always deep, powerful and melancholic – from dub to techno and back to house. Since the late 90’s Rødhåd has laid the groundwork for his career, starting with open-air parties on the outskirts of Berlin for fun, through to being voted Paramount’s “Break-Through Artist Of The Year.”

To this day, Sam Paganini proudly stands out as the only Italian artist to release under his own name on 3 of the worlds acclaimed Techno labels such as Plus8, Cocoon and Drumcode. In combination with a list of chart topping belter tunes over the last few recent years – he is definitely steadily on the rise. His sets are characterized by powerful grooves and have been recently described as “Sexy Groovy Dark Techno”, which speaks volumes, literally, on what to expect from his performances.

After his phenomenal performance at Earthcore 2014, Victor Ruiz is back to provide some quality education. Riding the front line of the new generation of Brazilian Techno producers and DJ’s, he encompasses this fresh modern monstrous sound that is beginning to emerge deep from the depths of Brazil. A very unique, powerful, personal and to-the-point ripping minimal techno – delivering a solid mix of singular textures with the strangest melodies, always leaded by a strong and hard basslines. In other words: perfect for the dance floor, and exactly what we’re here for.

And it doesn’t stop there at all!

Artists such as AES Dana, Ajja, Alan Fitzpatrick, Animato, Audiomatic, Carbon Based Life Forms, Eat Static, Electric Universe, Grouch, Interactive Noise, Kukan Dub Lagan, Liquid Hook, Liquid Soul, Major 7, Matthias Tanzmann, Morten Grenau, Oksar Offermann, Outside the Universe, Outsiders, Oxia, Phaxe, Ranji, Solar Fields, Sonic Species, Symphonix, Talamasca, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, U-Reken, Vertical Mode, Vini Vici, X Noize, Zyce and many more will also be joining the list of first round announced artists to be gracing the stage in December.

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