Elegist Come To Frankston

Up and coming heavy acts from Sydney making a name for themselves, seems to be a regular trend at this point in time. New South Wales’ latest exports Elegist found themselves in Ringwood this past July playing in a Pay-What-you-Wish styled show, alongside the almighty Prepared Like a Bride.  Judging from the massive reaction they received at an interstate show, Elegist are making waves in the metalcore world. We caught up with Vocalist Blake Curby, to discuss his personal influence within the bands’ lyrics and success.

Elegist was formed from the ashes of Blake’s former band, (in which he played guitar) along with current Elegist bass player Chris. Having heard of an opportunity to renew his passion for heavy music, Blake accepted Chris’ offer to join to what we know now as Elegist.  However, instead of picking up the guitar, Blake chose to pursue his true talent as a vocalist. After the chopping and changing of members, the line up consisting of Blake Curby, Cameron Greene, Chris Mott, Daniel Sacqualini and Ryan Godfrey was ready to take the Sydney hardcore scene by storm.

After their reputation continued to grow, they started playing with some of the front-runners of the heavy music scene, and watched their fan base grow at a much faster rate.  Whilst playing with bigger acts such Prepared Like a Bride, Elegist has received exposure to fans with very similar tastes in music.  This has propelled Elegists crowd reaction to new heights. As well as bands with a similar fan base, tours with bands like The Sweet Apes, has introduced fans of traditionally lighter music, to the sounds of Elegist.

In 2012 their biggest influences were said to have been The Ghost Inside, Misery Signals and The Acacia Strain. Two years on, Blake says the only heavy band that he really listens to anymore, and that has a direct influence into Elegist’s music, is For The Fallen Dreams.

The wide range of musical tastes within the band, are at times, almost the complete opposite of their actual music. Admitting to listening to artists from Fergie to Paramore, Blake says the separation between these genres, compared to the genre they play, keeps the bands music fresh and exciting.

Being a big believer in having a moral stance in life, Blake reflects his particular beliefs by living a strict Vegan diet. Even attempting to try out a Fruitarian diet (only fruits/vegetables and seeds) Blake’s strong anti- animal cruelty belief can be heard in an up and coming track that Elegist have been playing recently titled ‘The Abattoir’.

If you enjoy this band who have described their sound as ‘For the Fallen Dreams meets Emo, meets ‘really pissed off’, or just want to support up and coming Australian acts, you can check them out at the Frankston Mechanics Hall on Saturday August 9th.  Tickets at the door. Keep on the look out for Elegist, big things to come in 2014.



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