Dave Grohl’s Foo Fighters formed in Seatle in 1984 and are now one of the most popular bands in the world today. This January on Friday 13th at Rosebud Hotel fans can see the next best thing in Dave Growl’s Faux Fighters. PEARL’s music editor Simon Imrei sits down with Australia’s own Dave Growl, front man of The Faux Fighters, to talk about the finer points of what makes a rock ‘n’ roll show one that you will never forget.

PEARL: Thanks for taking the time to speak with PEARL, Dave.

GROWL: The pleasure’s all yours.

PEARL: (pause) So Dave, you’ve finally brought your band’s show to the Mornington Peninsula. It’s about time! What took you so long?

GROWL: See, that’s what I’m talking about man! You’re right, I have brought MY band here, and don’t you forget it dude.

PEARL: Umm, so what took you-

GROWL: Oh yeah, the f***ing recession pal! Ha! I’m just kidding man. Seriously we’re really excited to be doing a show at The Rosey on Friday the 13th. We’ve heard there’s a lot of fans of the music down this way and can’t wait for y’all to lose your voices and sue us next month when you’re deaf! (laughs)

PEARL: Sure. We’ll, ah, keep that in mind. So what can people expect when they come down to the show?

GROWL: Well, without sounding too serious here, the people can expect to see the greatest rock show going around this town at the moment. I mean, the music speaks for itself – we only deliver it to you. You know? We make it audible… albeit audibly loud. But it’s a good loud. Y’all are going to have a great time with us. Geez, I think I got pretty serious there.

PEARL: Indeed. A good serious. So you guys really enjoy doing this kind of thing for a living quite obviously?

GROWL: Yeah dude. There’s nothing more fun than making people get off. And that’s what we do. And the chicks are great.

PEARL: Ah I’m pretty sure you just stole that line there Dave.

GROWL: Dude, what do you think we do here??

PEARL: Touché Mr Growl. So apart from the music you’re all (obviously) real life rock stars. What else is part of The Faux Fighters show; any solos, banter, chugging jugs of beer? Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll????

GROWL: Well man let me tell you, what happens on the road stays on the road, but what goes on at the shows is for everyone, and we like to get people involved in the show. It’s a great feeling to know that people in the audience feel the same way we do when we play these friggin awesome songs. Every band member is part of the whole. Just like an individual audience member is part of the crowd. Everyone has to be on the same page. That is what makes a Faux Fighters show great.

PEARL: You talk about the members of the band there, so tell us more about the guys.

GROWL: Well obviously you know who I am, I sing and play guitar and carry the whole show.

PEARL: Tickets much?

GROWL: Tickets?

PEARL: Ah, nevermind… (smiles) Continue.

GROWL: Hmm, as I was saying, up the back my good friend Naylor Falkins bangs the skins. Nate Mansmell takes care of the female members of the audience with the crotch vibrating bass, and Pap Smear and Chris Shitlips come at you from both sides of the stage to layer up the guitars that are the essence of The Faux Fighters’ sound. So it’s the combination of my amazing voice, the three electric guitars, thick bass and powerhouse drums that project an amazing collection of some of the best rock songs ever written to each person in the crowd.

PEARL: Well, it certainly sounds well worth checking out. Thanks for joining us for a chat Dave.

GROWL: Again, the pleasure is ALL yours.

The Faux Fighters are a powerhouse rock band that captures the very energy, stamina and essence of a live Foo Fighters concert. The band delivers all of the biggest and best Foo hits in an action packed, high quality show. Their uncanny likeness in look and sound will leave you unable to tell them from the real thing.

The Faux Fighters bring their brand of rock n’ roll to Rosebud Hotel, Rosebud on Friday 13th (Jan). Doors open at 8pm, with special guests Lightning Crashes – A Tribute to LiVE. The concert of a lifetime starts at 9pm sharp. Tickets are available through the venue box office at or on the door. For more information on what’s on at Rosey over the summer season find Rosebud Hotel on Facebook.