Hospital should be an addition to your collection for sure. Composing synth pop music with emotional flair, Al Dodds of the duo describes their sounds as “pop music about not pop things” and draws on the feelings of hard times to comprise their lyrics.

Jacqueline Green and Al Dodds have worked together on their latest release Living and Dying a combination of synthesised sound and hard hitting emotional libretto which has definitely been added to my music collection. Being a two-pieced band Hospital can definitely face challenge whilst playing live so to remedy this, live performances are paired back and are slightly less complex as the original composition.

Dodds says he was drawn to music by “A need to document terrible things” along with this Dodds comes from a musical family, his mother being a singer and his grandfather in a jazz group. Hospital set out to have an individual sound from the beginning Dodds says “we set out which sounds we wanted before starting out and which ones we didn’t. For example, I knew we wanted to be an electronics-based band. I knew we wanted to have that lyrical intensity. So we totally set out to have that individual sound. I couldn’t do regular music if I tried” the diversified sound is truly what makes Hospital so intoxicating.

Highly encourage everyone to check out their Bandcamp ( and give them a like on their Facebook ( its possibly the most individual sound I’ve heard for a very long time!