DJ Track Reviews (Recovery Collective Special Edition)

City Keys – Charlie’s Unicorn Never Talks (Original Mix)
A new name for the book, ‘City Keys’ will be sure to rise to the top quickly. Here we have one of his debut releases under his new alias; ‘Charlies Unicorn Never Talks’. Lead by a super funky bass melody, which drives the low end equipped with powerful techno super-saws.

Handsome – Futurism (Original Mix)
Another name you’ll soon be hearing in a multitude of ways. His weird, yet dreamy, portrayal of what some would call House Music, is beginning to make an imprint of pleasure on Melbourne audiences. Priding himself on his quirky synths and dabbling in funky bass riffs, his production is a recipe for good vibrations.

Tom M.C – Concealed (Original Mix)
It’s a safe assumption that when Tom M.C hits the age of 18 he will explode into the Melbourne Minimal scene – that’s right, he’s still underage! This crazy hard-hitting tune will blow your mind with a combination of triplets and bouncy 4/4 synths in the one phrase. It’s not often that a track with such a heavy baseline as this is accompanied by a catchy percussive melody; ‘Concealed’ is set to tear dance floors to pieces across the globe.

Honkie – Bribe Girls (Original Mix)
Another name Recovery Collective feel the need to bring to the table, all the way from São Paulo, Brazil. The fusion of deep, dark, catchy throbbing baselines and ghetto hip-hop feels. Meet G-House heavyweight Hønkie, and his little gem Bribe Girls

Yan Oxygen ft. Sunheat – Microelektronika (EP)
Recovery Collective brings you Yan Oxygen, all the way from Ukraine. His first release on Recovery Collective “Microelektronika” features two huge techno tracks with massive driving basslines; “Microelektronika” & “Macroelektronika”. Both these tunes have a thundering low-end, and are a must-have for any Techno collection.