Void (Vanna)



Swapping in Catchy clean choruses for in your face punk anthems, Boston Massachusetts own Vanna have made their complete transition from Post-Hardcore to a thrash influenced destructive style of Metalcore.

With only one original member of the band being left the change of style within Vanna’s new album void seems almost inevitable. For fans of their old hits such as Safe to Say and Into Hells Mouth we March this new and improved erratic approach will come as a huge shock, hopefully for the better.

Accompanied by heavy hitting guitars, Front man Davey Muise creates a chaotic atmosphere with provoking hardcore sing alongs such as Piss up a Rope and All American’t. Although we see a new and more explosive Vanna, guitarist and clean vocalist Evan Pharmakis provides listeners with some hard driven choruses and even very emotive slower heavy ballads as seen in the albums first single Digging.

Vanna is definitely not the same band they were when they formed in 2004. With a great amount of line up changes and obvious evolution of influences Void places the Ten year Veterans back on the map with a new revitalised sound.