The year of 2009 saw many historical events, the election of Barrack Obama the first African American president of the United States, the release of the modern classic Slumdog Millionaire, Same- sex marriage was legalized in Sweden, Tiger Woods announced his break from golf to focus on his ‘marriage’. But out of all of the talking points created in this year the formation of the British melodic hardcore band takes the cake for being the most memorable and impactful on the youth who religiously follow heavy music, Heights.

From a small time band growing up in Welwyn Garden City the reception from their debut album Dead Ends would change the lives of the boys in Heights forever. With glowing reviews from notable magazines such as Kerrang! And Alternative Press, these small town musicians armed with a dream and their undying passion for music that is evident in every single track they ever put out, were put under international spotlight.

Despite line-up changes (which included a very noticeable vocalist switch) Heights broaden their horizons with their keen passionate flare that kept their music so unique carrying through to their sophomore album Old Lies for Young Lives. It is through this album that first brought them to the shores of Australia accompanying House Vs Hurricane on their album tour.

Through the many journeys this band that came so close to many fans hearts, Heights felt like it was finally time to say goodbye. Heights, another band gone, but never forgotten. Despite it being their last ever tour, Heights left West Footscrays Wrangler Studios, not only with a broken roof tile, but with a legacy of anthems that leave a remaining remark on those willing to listen. A living, breathing example of where hard work and genuine appreciation can get people willing to give it their all.

It’s on this note that we say goodbye to Heights and wish them luck on their future endeavors. Hopefully we see them in some shape or form back in Australia. Thank you Heights. Stray Rats, Stay Young, Never Stop.