DJ Track Reviews (w Chris Roberts)


Droplex, Comah, Breech – Le Tueur Au Puzzle
Le Tueur Au Puzzle is another thumping track released by Australia’s own Hungry Koala Records. I am really digging this collaboration between these three lately. Straight off the bat this track smacks you in the face with some chunky off beat bass and nicely placed vocal cuts, once 1:30 hits this grinding noise comes in out of no where, for me personally this makes the track! That small 30 seconds of bliss. The second drop brings that chunky off beat bass in triplets and doubles with stabbing vocal cuts that intertwines perfectly to create a filthy face amongst any punter.

Phil Kieran – Skyhook 3
I can still remember the first time I heard this monster out, pwoah it tore me to shreds, absolutely destroyed me. Phil Kieran’s “3” version of Skyhook is personally my favourite out of the lot. There’s just something about how hectic it is that I’m in love with, the siren that constantly grows and feels like it’s never going stop. Working with the track to brew into the most brutal drop that’s slams you right in dirt. This chaotic track is not for the feint hearted, it’s filthy.

FiveAm – Macarena (Minimal Mix)
Classic song, killer remix, taking you straight back into the 90’s, FiveAm has really nailed this tune. Bringing in and out the catchy vocal chorus of ‘aaayyyyeee macarena’ will have you swinging your hips like any Latino mistress. Building the track progressively with these vocals throughout the breakdowns and the builds of the track gets the place vibing hard! Lets be honest everyone loves a good Macarena. This track is definitely a crowd pleaser.

Ed Sheeran – The A Team (Koan Sound Remix)
This is one of those tracks I will never stop listening too, its over 3 years old and it still has the power to give me goose bumps. In my opinion Koan Sound have really transformed Ed Sheeran’s original track into something special with this chill step remix. Ed’s voice gently flows around the break beat kick and subtle wub’s of bass keeping this soothing feeling throughout the entire track. Koan Sound’s use of the guitar samples is what really puts the cherry on top for me. How Koan Sound have so many elements flowing in perfect harmony amazes me, this is by far one of my favourite tracks of all time.

Corner – Supernova
Supernova constantly builds anticipation with a vast arrangement of percs and a nice off beat thumping bass for about two minutes. Breakdown and builds with vocal cuts of “techno” then right before the drop ‘TECHNO BITCH’. Corner then unleashes that bass in solid doubles and keeps the percs right on cue. Personally what I like about this track after Corner switches back to a normal off beat bass the track still has the feeling that it’s continuing to build.

Catch both Corner and Droplex playing at Just Minimal 4.0, August 15th held at Brown Alley.

CHRIS ROBERTS (Guest Writer)