The Blooming Endless Heights

The distinct splice and dice sound of melodic hardcore band Endless Heights remains unrivalled. Off the back of their late 2013 release New Bloom, Endless Heights joined the line up of last months Earthwalker National Tour, possibly some of the biggest shows this Sydney band has seen, the bands can do attitude and friendly nature are effortlessly carrying this talented group of friends into the big leagues of the hardcore scene, and its not hard to see why. Since establishment in 2009 Endless Heights sound has adapted and grown into what it is today, a combination of many genres in a five piece package of punk perfection, from the euphoric guitars to the rhythmic drums, Endless Heights is definitely worth a listen for anyone looking for some Australian hardcore bands to support. PEARL managed to catch up with the hardcore quintet during their shows in Melbourne for an interview.

PEARL: Hey guys! Tell us your name and your roles in the band.
Joel Martorana: I’m Joel and I sing
Jem Siow: I’m Jem and I play guitar
Julian Diaz: I’m Diaz and I play drums
Matt Jones: I’m Matt and I play Bass
Christian Hrdina: I’m Christian and I play guitar

PEARL: So how are the shows going on the Earthwalker Tour?
Diaz: Ridiculous, we’re not used to this at all,

PEARL: Are these the biggest shows you all have played?
Siow: Some of the biggest

PEARL: That’s great! So has your fan base grown being on the tour and the release of New Bloom?
Martorana: I suppose our fan base has grown from the hardcore scene particularly and we’ve acquired bits and pieces of everyone, which is pretty cool to see.

PEARL: So what artists would you say influenced New Bloom?
Siow: Well Christian and I write most of the music and its influenced by a lot of different stuff: punk music, hardcore music, indie, rock and stuff like that. 

PEARL: We’ve noticed a change in the style between Dream Strong, Lady Wisdom and New Bloom, can you tell us what inspired that change?
Siow: It wasn’t just that we were trying to change or anything, it was just that when we started the band we were young and the only thing we’d known was that we wanted to play music together so music writing just came naturally and our tastes have changed and developed as we’ve got older, and that’s just reflected in the music I guess

PEARL: You can definitely hear the maturing of the music. What would be your favorite songs to play live?
Siow: Honest Life.
Martorana: Yeah that’s probably a favorite
Jones: I actually like Son Of Thunder
Martorana: Me too, is a bit harder to sing live but its so much fun

PEARL: Son of Thunder is one of our favorites too. Do you have any advice for up and coming musicians?
Martorana: Keep playing shows and be picky about who you play with if you can, and be nice because your friends end up turning around and putting you on more shows, which is what happened fo us, and that’s really the best part about it, you get to play with friends.
Siow: Don’t be picky, do what you want to do though, do only what you want to do, splice it up.
Diaz: Dream Strong man.

PEARL: Its great to meet a band with such positivity!  Since we’re halfway through 2014, do you have an insight to what we can expect from Endless eights?
Siow: We’re going to go overseas this year, and we’re going to go on tour more.
Martorana: We’re going to write something as well.

PEARL: We’ll keep the readers updated on that for sure, so our final question for you guys, who is your dream band to play with and where do you aspire to visit?
Diaz: Metallica.
Jones: I always wanted to play with Misery Signals, but we kind of already did that at break the ice.
Siow: We want to travel everywhere! Europe and America
Hrdina: I want to do something weird too like South America

PEARL welcomes Milli Ransom to its fold covering the awesome sounds of Australian Alternative Music. Currently attending a local secondary college and studying year 12, she hopes to go on to study Law & Media Journalism. Do you have an act you would like reviewed?  Let Pearl HQ know!



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