PEARL: Your personal theme song

JOEL MARORANA: How About Now – Drake.

PEARL: Favourite super hero

MARORANA: Spiderman or Storm. Swinging on webs and climbing over buildings is mad, but it would be just as cool making it snow whenever you want.

PEARL: First Concert you went to

MARORANA: First show was I Killed the Prom Queen in 2006. First ‘hardcore’ show I was allowed to go to and it was mad. At a little youth centre in Frenchs Forest. Chich got punched in the face at that show trying to two-step.

PEARL: What popular song would you want to cover?

MARORANA: Lifestyle by Rich Gang.

PEARL: Catch Phrase?

MARORANA: Yeaah how bout now?’ (…See Drake song above)

PEARL: Favourite video game

MARORANA: Super Smash Brothers Melee. Link is my guy.

PEARL: Personal favourite song at the moment

MARORANA: How About Now – Drake.

PEARL: What’s something about the band not a lot of people would know?

MARORANA: Bchan (from Legions/Singer of Mood Swing) and Jem are two different people.

PEARL: What do you want to achieve on your next tour?

MARORANA: I want to survive Perth. Will be dangerous having the time of my life with The Others, Postblue, Hopeless and Break Even. Too many great friends in one place… someone might die.

PEARL: Who do you feel is doing the best in your genre?

MARORANA: Not our genre at all but my current obsession and the best band in Australia is SHACKLES. Listen to SHACKLES!!!