Rockabilly Baha

Do you love Rockabilly?  Well you’ll love this!

Ba-Ha goes Rockabilly Sunday August 3rd kicking starting with two well known Melbourne Rockabilly bands The Infernos and The Mighty Kings, and keeps the billy boiling the first Sunday each month from here on!

Exciting Rockabilly trio The Infernos bring a burning new energy to the Australian music scene with their ‘Pommiebilly’ sound.  The Infernos are influenced by 50’s icons such as Elvis, Ronnie Dawson, Johnny Burnette and Charlie Feathers as well as the 80’s Rockabilly revival bands The Polecats, Restless and The Jets.

The Infernos lead singer and songwriter from the UK Don Wycherley (slap bass), writes many of his own songs and has played with international bands such as; The Jetsons, The Big Shots, and The Detroit Rockers among many others before forming The Infernos in 2009 with guitarist Steve Bird and drummer David Rogers.

The Mighty Kings are a lively three piece band formed in 2013 with Don Giovinazzo (slap bass), Gaby Bainy on guitar and Bones on drums. The bands main influences are the early 50’s icons, Elvis, Eddy Cochran and the 80’s band The Stray Cats.

Christine’s Rockabilly Promotions, founded by Christine Bitomsky, has been promoting this fast paced genre of music with its sub culture mix of 50’s vintage style and the ‘Kustom Kulture’ concept for the past five years.  The new monthly format is not just about the music, but embraces the lifestyle, the clothes, the cars, and the vintage feel with a modern twist.

Visit Christine’s Rockabilly Promotions on Facebook for information on her other events, where to go, what’s on, and some of the history of Rockabilly including a gallery of some of the iconic bands, and don’t miss this exciting new event launching Sunday August 3 at Baha Tacos from 2pm, Pt Nepean Rd in Rye.



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