Nibbles & Naughties (April 2014)

THIS MONTH: “How Far Removed?”

“Well you know it has opiates in it?” I said

“What are they?” He asked.

“Well,” I replied, “they are basically drugs. They will fog up the brain, give you a feeling that will make you feel good. You’ll want to eat more and most of all they will stimulate your appetite. All this from this one little Gliadin protein.”

“Does that mean that it will make you eat more?” he asked.

“It certainly will,” I said. “The increase in worldwide obesity just about correlates with the introduction of the man made strains you know.” He starched his head. “Doesn’t it make sense how the incidence of irritable bowel diseases and celiac diseases have risen so high in the past 30yrs, especially in places where these ‘super strains’ of wheat are being grown and manufactured into foods.”

“Bummer,” he said.

I was pleased the penny was dropping and the light had turned on. “Try not to think if it as wheat.” I wanted him feel better. “What we are eating now is 40yrs of genetics and tampering, just to create an increased yield grain. Wheat used to be tall, as tall as you.” I nodded my head at him. “Now we have short wheat with thick stems that produces higher yields. Modern wheat is far removed from its ancestors.

“So do I have eat everything gluten free now?” he asked. “Some of the food tastes like cardboard!”

“I agree,” I responded. “I would maybe stay away from anything that is processed starch, it will do the same thing to your pancreas and guts. Here try a chai cracker.”

I handed him some healthy yummies. He gingerly nibbled on it and then nodded his head. I knew I would have to break the news some time.

“You do realise that many beers are made from wheat,” I said.

He groaned. Oh dear, best I find something to cheer him up again.

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