Cranbourne. The place that legends are made? Really? Is that what I will be reading in over the next five years as Spook the Banshee take the world by storm? Well I hope so!

This hard metal five piece direct from Cranbourne have been playing together as a group for a short time – you would never know that though. They actually played together for the first time for the recording of their newly released EP “Whispers” (see review in Taking the Alternate this week). Taking much success post release in Triple J’s Unearthed, the band are really pulling momentum with a large and ever growing following on Facebook – they are booked out most weekends for shows around town.

Reviews to date have been very positive. “Great hard rock with a healthy dose of metal. Their music is a mix of Bullet for My Valentine and Evanescence” says one online follower. With a full EP review and live interview on local television the band certainly are not looking like slowing down any time soon. Interested to hear more? Hit them up on Facebook for the next show, Bandcamp to buy their EP or Triple J’s Unearthed to listen for free.

So, in short, the next time you wonder what has Cranbourne done for you – think Spook the Banshee. This band is going places!