Emergence by Nick Wales & Sarah Blasko

Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko and Sydney-based composer Nick Wales collaborate to release ‘Pain Is A Number’ from their forthcoming collective album “Emergence” out May 8.

With its “raw and discordant beauty(Broadsheet) and brilliantly dark, driving experimental pop music” (Dance Australia), the single is the first sounds of the LP composed for the contemporary work of the same title by the Sydney Dance Company.

“Emergence” provides a stunning, sensual soundscape to the celebrated dance work, choreographed by Rafael Bonachela, the Artistic Director of Sydney Dance Company. Featuring the alluring costume creations of Australian fashion designer Dion Lee, Benjamin Cisterne’s super–sleek stage and lighting design and Bonachela‘s mesmerizing dancers, The Australian, on opening night, accredits the relationship between movement and the bespoke music to the triumph of the performance.

Speaking to Broadsheet, Blasko says of “Emergence” –

“Dance is so mysterious to me, I’ve done some music for theatre and really enjoyed stepping into another world.”

The “Emergence” dance work is one of three works to be performed as De Novo, part of the 2015 Sydney Dance Company programme. De Novo will tour Victoria in July and August.