Track Reviews with Tom M.C

1. Min&Mal, Orkestrated & Delayz – Rage (Original Mix)
Not quite out yet, but the Soundcloud preview had me head bumping instantly.
With a chunky electric guitar filled build up to an insanely smooth and spacious drop, this track definitely delivers the goods. Had to replay this track as soon as it was finished, will be sure to add this to the collection when this rager drops.

2. Chet Faker – I’m Into You (Monkeyneck Remix)
One from earlier last year that I wish I had discovered sooner, an awesome remix of a piece from Melbourne’s own Chet Faker, this number is one to sit back and relax to. This track uses a great mix of plucks with a superb piano melody that will send a shiver down your spine.

3. Jan Fleck – Turin (Original Mix)
One to blast through your subs, this is a truly heavy track with an awesome underground feel.
Jan Fleck creates an awesome sounding swingy techno tune, with long-lived drops that have great progression to take you on a journey. If you love fat kicks, off beat rides and quality percussion then this is one to check out!

4. Luix Spectrum & Whisperer – The Kids Want Techno (Diatek Remix)
Another techno track, this one is seriously hard hitting.
Like something straight out of a Rob Zombie movie, this one really brings in an evil atmosphere and will make you pull a serious bass face.
Definitely not for the faint-hearted, but all you terror lovers need to give this a look.

5. Telepopmusik – Smile (Natural High Remix)
One of my all time favourite tracks, this is one song that can enhance any mood you’re in, especially great for those kick back summer days. Beautiful vocals mixed in with a punchy kick and snare and a great baseline, and with plenty of underlying synths and subtle but effective melodies, this song will really fill your head with music.