747 – Lady Anterbellum (DELUXE)

The new Lady Ant offering is just what you would expect from the new world of pop country.  It’s catchy, and just like their previous albums produced and polished to within an inch of its life.

The first two tracks “Long Stretch of Love” and “Bartender” are essentially commercial grade pop songs, with a telecaster guitar thrown in for a semi country twang.  As always the three part harmonies are spot on, and really is the expected Lady Ant sound.

If you’re after a great country album with songs of love and loss, death and murder ballads….this certainly ain’t it.  On the other hand if you want to get your thirteen-year-old daughter into something vaguely resembling country, this album would be the perfect gateway drug to the good stuff.  Every track on the album is a radio friendly three to four minutes long, which works precisely to the pop Nashville recipe.  The title track and obvious first single on the album is 747, big power ballad, large drums, lots of guitars, and tight vocals.

It would be nice to see them try something different, and they do put on a great show live, but this is a band that has been carved to sell records to kids, and boy do they do that!

Oh I heard some banjo on the last track…. So it must be country. Haha!