How does the average bloke go about reviewing a Ryan Adams album?  Yes in the past he has had some, lets say… odd ideas, some worked (Jacksonville City Lights from 2005 springs to mind), and others that missed the mark entirely (Rock N Roll from 2003 is just an album trying to capture what many other bands where producing at the time).

I am pleased to report that “Ryan Adams” is back on track to some of the best writing he has ever put out.  I’m not saying it’s as good as he’s 2000 offering of Heartbreaker, but it’s damn well up there.  So much so that on a recent David Letterman Show, he was asked to perform an encore…and Dave NEVER does that.

Can I pick a cracker of a tune from the listing? Well you wouldn’t be shunned by friends or family if “My Wreckin Ball” made it into your favorites playlist, with it’s simple guitar, organ, and haunting vocals.  “I Just Might” is another clearly understated masterpiece with some of the coolest guitar work you’ll hear anywhere.

In this humble reviewers opinion the best way to serve this album up would be with a great bottle of wine, a good sound system, dim the lights to the point that the glow of your cigarette is your only friend on this ride.

                                                                                                                                                   JOHN KENDALL