Designed by a leading studio designer, constructed to the highest quality and consisting of a good-sized vocal/instrument tracking room and large control studio room, this is the new hub of operations for Ian Pav/PavMusic.
On entering the security gates the grounds had a welcoming, secure and inspiring atmosphere. Unfortunately on the day we were there it was pelting rain, but not a sound could be heard within the triple layered, double framed structure. Floors, walls and ceilings are all decoupled, insulated and with multi-layer surfacing (in fact behind the 2.8m high ceilings is 3 layers of Fyrcheck plasterboard, and studio walls around 300mm thick). Once inside, the soothing colour scheme and lighting gave us a comfortable feel, conducive to support the creative processes that will be undertaken here.

The Rosebud studio will facilitate Pav’s client needs from pre to post production and mentoring including:
– Vocal, acoustic instrument and multi-track recording, overdubs and voiceovers
– Mixing and mix assessment services
– Song writing and arrangement activities and advice
– Film, TV and contract composition and sound design projects
– Admin, discussions and meetings

Pav Music also caters large groups, bands and choirs off site for tracking before bringing project files back for post production and overdubs – keeping costs to the client down.
With 37 years in the music industry, Pav’s experience and expertise as a producer and mentor/adviser is well known along the eastern seaboard and peninsula participants will benefit greatly from the arrival of this new resident.
Pav Music has already made an impact on the local music community, as author of the series on production currently running each month in Pearl, donating recording time to the winners of The Voice of Frankston competition, co-hosting a specific songwriting workshop in Frankston this month and will feature as one of the judges for Rosebud’s Buskfest in November.
Ian aims to help local talent become all they can be in the music industry and is prepared to offer significant discounts off his normal production and mentoring/advisory rates to Peninsula resident artists. So if you are looking for a producer, a complete production package, just need some tracking done, song or mix assessment, or someone to help guide you in your music career – we think you should definitely contact and consider Ian Pav/Pav Music. You can find out more about Ian Pav, PavMusic’s service offering or, arrange an appointment, through the website