Eye In The Lens

Max Dobson might look like your average tall lanky 17 year old, but there is more to him than meets the eye.  In fact, what makes him different is his eye, his eye for photography. While almost anyone can take a good photo through fortunate timing, terrific subject matter or good technical skill, not many have that instinctive gift for visualizing the perfect shot and that’s what sets Dobson’s work apart.

His adventures in photography began one fateful school holiday in Queensland when his parents bought their twelve-year-old son an underwater camera for Christmas. Wasting no time at all he dove straight into the hotel pool and started shooting. He’s been diving in literally and figuratively ever since, as his favourite subject is waves. He spends a lot of time in the surf down at Shoreham and Flinders.

Donning a set of fins and a camera on a surfboard leash, Dobson swims out or jumps off the rocks and waits for that perfect shot. It might take thirty minutes or four hours, but he’s patient and curious enough to wait and see what develops. Surf photography is very physical. He loves how involved he has to be in it to capture that perfect angle or wave. It’s time consuming, but totally engaging.

Starting out with the almost limitless virtues of a Go Pro camera, Dobson was hooked. While he loves its compactness and how quickly the Go Pro can reel off shots, he ultimately prefers the larger SLR camera and all he can achieve with it. Being a body boarder sparked his interest in seascapes and surf photography, but it’s not his only subject matter.

Skateboarding is another of Dobson’s hobbies and he has taken some amazing skating photos at local skate parks. He’s also capitalized on travel opportunities with his family. When travelling to Thailand last year they got caught up in the Bangkok protests and Dobson managed to photograph some extraordinary moments. He also took a number of great portraits. From vast landscapes to minute detail, he’s got the knack for picking up just the right elements for breathtaking images.

Despite being a busy Year 12 student at Dromana Secondary College, Dobson makes time to pursue his love for the lens and he’s got his eye on the future. He hopes to travel the world taking photos and possibly getting an advanced degree, but he’s got to tackle Year 12 yet and that’s a challenge in and of itself.

See Dobson’s photos at his Max Dobson Photography facebook page or his ever evolving new website: http://maxdobsonphotography.weebly.com.