Don’t Call It A Comeback

Wilder than a truckload of tigers on acid, Australian funk-rock mega-giants, Defryme return with a distinctive madness that’ll rip off your ears and put ‘em back on wrong.

After taking an extended break to surf the world, hang out with a yogi and bench press gorillas, The Defryme machine has decided to roll back into public life for no reason in particular, other than to rock the f**k out. To coincide with their Sydney live return on September 7th at Frankie’s Pizza, Defryme have just released  their latest single, “Audrey”. They’ll also be making a Melbourne return on September 13th at the Cherry. Joining Defryme in Sydney on the night  of the 7th, are local Sydney legends Graveyard Rockstars, and in Melbourne on the 13th, Three Time Thrill will release the beast with the Defryme monstrosity!

Defryme will play crowd favourites “Purekiller”, “God Inside a Man”, “Sanity”, “Therapy”, their ridiculously awesome version of “Mama Said Knock You Out!”  and will also feature latest additions “The Blackbird” and of course the new single “Audrey”. Get to one of these shows on the “Don’t Call It A Comeback” mini-tour and get educated.

Did you know?

  • Defryme’s “Purekiller” album made its debut in 1994 at #3 on the National ARIA chart.
  • Defryme supported Radiohead’s debut Australian tour.
  • Defryme have been widely recognised as one of the premier Australian live acts ever.
  • Masters Apprentices legendary front man Jim Keays appeared in Defryme’s video for “Mama Said Knock You Out”
  • Defryme had charting rock singles and rotated play on commercial radio nationwide at a time in history when the aussie charts were dominated by pop and dance music.
  • Defryme supported The Angels and The Divinyls reformation tour in 1994

Defryme are awesome, awesome, awesome!

If you missed Defryme’s gig at The Espy then don’t miss this (or call it a comeback) and head to The Cherry Bar, 103 Flinders Lane on September 13th.  Tickets at the door!



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