Checking In With Joel Fletcher

We spoke to Joel Fletcher earlier this year about his debut single Swing ft Savage and his support for the Melbourne leg of Avicii’s True tour. Since then he has jetted out of the country, grown his fan base and successfully finished a tour of Asia, the U.S and Europe. Gracing the ears of people all over the globe with his music, Joel says the Melbourne bounce movement is starting to catch onto not only overseas fans but some of the big name DJ’s overseas.

PEARL:  So tell us about the tour, how was it?
FLETCHER:  It was my second time playing in Asia, but it was my first trip to the US and Europe, pretty amazing stuff touring around the world doing what you love!  I met some incredible people and played at some incredible places, it was a crazy experience. 

PEARL:  From the tour was there any stand out shows, or new favourite clubs to play at overseas?
FLETCHER:  Pacha in New York was a standout, Will and I played to a full house and the vibe was just insane.

PEARL: During the tour did overseas fans love the Melbourne sound?
FLETCHER:  Definitely! It’s really awesome seeing the sound catch on gradually. Now not only do the fans love it, but some of the biggest DJs in the world are starting to catch on to the Melbourne Bounce movement. 

PEARL:  Your new track Back to front with Reece Low just cracked the top 5 in the Beatport charts, were you expecting it to climb the charts as quickly as it did?
FLETCHER:  We were so stoked! We worked really hard on that track and to have it recognised is the best feeling. 

PEARL:  It’s just been announced that you will be playing Stereosonic this year, are you looking forward to it? What else can fans expect from you in the remainder of the year?
FLETCHER:  I’m so excited to be playing at Stereosnic, especially the fact that I’m touring with some of my biggest inspirations is a dream come true. What else can fans expect? Well there is a big announcement coming soon; you’ll have to stay tuned!

PEARL:  So bringing it back to the burbs, you’re playing at Empire soon. Do you enjoy playing back in the suburbs?
FLETCHER:  It’s always so much fun playing close to home. There’s no better feeling than playing in your own city, seeing familiar faces and having a catch up with old mates after the gig! 

PEARL:  When you compare playing in the suburbs to larger shows like festivals here or overseas do you prefer some gigs over others?
FLETCHER:  They’re both different, smaller ones are awesome because they’re intimate and you can really feel the crowd react to your music, but there is no better feeling than being on stage in front of thousands of people going crazy to your own song. 



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