Unpack This!

Anger Management seems an odd topic for a comedy, but that’s what makes Unpack This! so unique. Written and directed by former Neighbours nice guy, actor Geoff Paine, this is the flipside of neighbours based on his stranger than fiction actual experience.

One fateful night, provoked by his real life neighbour from hell, Paine snapped and head-butted him while an onlooker sang the theme song from Neighbours. Arrested and ordered to attend anger management classes, this play is based on that experience though Paine has changed the names ‘to protect the idiots’.

Things only get weirder when the classes begin and the social workers in charge of keeping things under control start to unravel. Each character is based on a real person and the live audience is addressed as part of the workshop.

Fictional Trev and Lorraine use real life anger management techniques to help six men, played brilliantly by three actors, but their efforts are met with mixed results as the ‘listening and respecting’ becomes harder to do. An explosive role reversal unravels the whole group to hilarious effect.

Laugh out loud comedy about the challenges of anger management. Anyone who has ever flipped their lid, popped their top or blown a gasket will relate. See Unpack This! at the Southern Peninsula Arts Centre on Saturday, July 26 at 7:30 pm. Bookings: 5986 8204 or www.southernpeninsulaartscentre.com/whats-on.html.