DJ Track Reviews (w Handsome)


Ásgeir – Heimförin (Going Home)
Singer/songwriter, Ásgeir Trausti, brings a new meaning to the word tranquil.
Whether you listen to the record with it’s English vocals or take a more worldly approach and get to know the original-Icelandic lyrics, you will have it on repeat! One of few songs, with the ability to put an audience to sleep (in the most sincerest of ways.) This mastermind manipulates “bassy” synths and contorts unusual brass horns along with his voice full of emotion and soothing piano work to make you melt. His whole album really does warm your heart!

BANKS – Drowning (Lido Remix)
Keeping it Nordic. Norwegian producer, ‘Lido’, has reworked vocals from U.S singer/songwriter known as ‘BANKS’. His take on the original song has an “Australian Sound” feel, a likening to ‘Wave Racer’ crossed with ‘Cosmo’s Midnight’. “Wavy” synths infused with plucky strings & androgynous vocals adding depth to the mix, this track screams FEEL GOOD!

RÜFÜS – This Summer (RÜFÜS Remix)
“An oldie but a goody!” Vocals pitched down mixed with the original vocals from front man, Tyrone Lindqvist, makes this “remix” a summer anthem (as the name suggest.) Industrial percs giving the song a grungy introduction are soon opposed by uplifting synth chords and plucks, backed with a funky bass line. This tune, unlike some of their others, is a dance floor jam. Perfect for early evening nightclub sets and getting you in the mood for a solid drinking sesh!

Kilter – They Say
With frequent air time on “the j’s” and his name in large font on flyers all over the country you can understand why ‘Kilter’ is BLOWING UP! The mixture of female and male vocals, morphed with steel drums, hardstyle kicks, feel-good chords and (what many like to call) “dolphin synths”, make ‘They Say’ an all time electronica track! The percussion work is flawless and if you’ve seen a live set by this genius, you’ll realise why!

Youan – Your Trust (Acaddamy Remix)
Acaddamy has been churning out deep house bangers recently and this is no exception. About 6 months old, but is still a frequent “must play” for many. Showcasing his organ style bass line once again, this time accompanied by some really cool male vocals with a bit of feeling to them.  When you get caught at a red light, by the car next to you belting out a verse, this is the song you should be singing!

 HANDSOME (Guest Writer)