Songs From Under The Stares (Rollo Ellis)

Songs From Under The Stares
Rollo Ellis


Rollo Ellis has unveiled his brand new album, Songs From Under The Stares At The Solitary Elephant Mourning The Blindness Of Humanity, to the public and it’s as beguiling as he is.

There’s a real sense of doom and gloom in a lot of the tracks. It’s raw, open and extremely captivating. It’s not something you can just play in the background. It requires full attention. It deserves your full attention.

Ellis’ music and lyrics have a comparable tone and essence to that of Nick Cave. There’s also a dash of Tim Freedman in there too.

For some reason The Floor, The TV And The Phone sounds like something that came off Love This City.

Stand out tracks are Look Out, Magpie and Ghosts.