Monique Brumby (Monique Brumby)

Monique Brumby


Two-time ARIA award winner and music extraordinaire, Monique Brumby, has released her fifth studio album.

The self-titled effort sees Brumby reach exciting new heights. It’s creative, raw and full of passion. The fact that the better half of the album was recorded in the spare room of her Melbourne house, using a make-shift vocal booth, really allows you to appreciate the lengths she’s gone to and the final product.

This album has so much more to give than just its production quality. The music is soothing in a way. Each song has its own voice, holding its own against a raft of exciting material.

The single, Silent Hill, is cool and suave, setting the tone for what follows. It’s perfect music for a Thursday night kick-back with a glass of wine in hand.