Nibbles & Naughties (May 2014)


“Flame retardants!” I responded. I was surprised too.

“Yer,” he said, “I saw it on the telly.” The telly hey, I am sure everything thing we see on the telly and read in the newspaper must be true. Not.

“We do not have TV,” I said, “we watch movies though we do not plug into mainstream telly. Too much brainwashing going on for my liking.” I was thankful for that.

“That is what they said on this show,” he started, “that the number one toxin that showed up in breast tissue, was flame retardant.”

“That doesn’t surprise me you know. We spend a large percentage of our lives and sleeping in bed and now all mattresses and foam items, including pillows are sprayed with flame retardants.” I told him. “As we snuggle into our pillows so we breathe it in every night. When I got a new bed a few years ago, it took me ages to find the right mattress.”

“What did you do?” he asked. I was glad he was interested. It meant he was taking it all in.

“I paid to have a mattress specially made, it was made with organic cotton top and bottom, with latex in the middle. My husband swears every time I have to move the bed as the mattress is very heavy, though every night when I am in my bed, it is heaven. It cost me, though my health and wellbeing is worth every cent.”

“Good idea,” he said.

“Old mattresses have not been sprayed,” I informed him. “In fact recent studies have linked these flame retardants or PBDE’s as they are also know, to damaging babies in the womb and linked it to poor or faulty nerve development in young children. Scary, hey?”

“So what do you do?” he asked.

“Same as for most things; be educated and go organic or 100% chemical free and sleep safe.”

He nodded his head. I could see this man might well be making some changes.  

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