DJ Track Reviews (w Kids Table)



Charlie Fanclub – Splash (Original Mix) [Green Fetish Records]
Splash is one of those tracks in your library that keeps on giving – it’s developing main synth stab really grabs you before launching into a winding build followed by a pitch dropping roll to release the tension; complimented with a crowd capturing second glitchy club drop this is a track that creates a lot of movement within a room and an atmosphere that demands movement from the crowd.

Motez – Promise Me (Original Mix) [Club Sweat!]
Motez is a relatively new house hold name in the Australian club scene – having really hit his mark in 2013 with an ammunition of originals, remixes and edits the South Australian has cemented himself as a talent which looks to back up his recent success into 2014. ‘Promise Me’ is a bass house wonder with an amazingly hooky vocal; channelling a Duke Dimont vibe; Motez beautifully brings a piano stab melody unified with accompanying Caribbean drums; this is an instant hit.

Boris Brejcha – Internal Pressure Creep (Original Mix) [Harthouse]
I’ve been given this track a working for a while now; released in 2006 on Harthouse, this track defines what I love about Boris Brejcha; acidy hits, percussive rolls, a lot of movement, a haunting melody, subtly vocal samples, sweeps & more than anything a tight gritty bass line. One of my favourites from the masked man’s back catalogue – I can’t recommend this enough!

Xpansul – Lonesome Cowboy (Original Mix) [Discos de Lata]
This track is absolutely euphoria for me; with a break down that captures your mind; creating an atmosphere of vulnerability and innocence; it gently lets you down telling you it’s all ok with a groovy tech drop and a gutter acid stab that makes you want to move freely again.

Jens Lewandowski – Back Again (Original Mix) [Moonplay Records]
‘Back Again’ really represents what I love about minimal; it takes the simplicity of stripped back music and focuses on the emphasis of each sound. Stand out parts for me were the groovy rides, deep sub bass, false builds, dark pads & a soul searching vocal; it’s one of those tracks that by the second time you’ve heard the hook it has you singing along with it under your breath without realising it; all round a great addition to your arsenal.

KIDS TABLE (Guest Writer)