Living Large And Local

Carl Cox & Eric Powell’s Mobile disco is in its 6th year down at Stillwater in Dromana. This year, 600 lucky people who snapped up tickets in time were able to experience the amazing vibe and classic tracks by the father of techno (and Peninsula resident), Carl Cox, and long-time friend and DJ, Eric Powell. Dropping Rapper’s Delight by the Sugar Hill Gang, Show Me Love (the original) by Robin S, The Message by Grandmaster Flash and even a touch of Justin Timberlake, the crowd got going from the get go. Rocking out on the balcony at the winery spinning their favourite Jazz, Funk, Soul and Classic House tracks, this event is a BYO picnic, family and dancing shoes Sunday session like no other. PEARL’s Jessica Taylor caught up with Cox at the event recently to talk about the Mobile Disco and life, living on the Peninsula.

PEARL: You’ve achieved so much in your career to date, so much I don’t really know where to start! Did you ever see yourself getting to where you are now, at the beginning?
COX: Not at all. My Dad used to tell me to go and get a proper job. Mum used to say, “You’ll grow out of it and get a real job one day.” All I’m doing is doing what I believe in and doing what I love. I think when you have all those elements, whether you are cutting grass for the council, a football player or DJ, everything else around doesn’t really matter.

PEARL: The ‘Mobile Disco’ is it’s in its 6th year, bigger and better than ever. How did the concept come about?
COX: It was really organic. Eric Powell and I were going around to the wineries on the Peninsula a few years ago and stopped off at Stillwater and had some lunch, as I was curious to see what their food was like. We were sitting on the balcony and I was like, “This is so nice!” On that trip I brought over 150,000 pieces of vinyl – the type of music that you can play on a Sunday afternoon – and we thought it would be cool to throw down some beats while people were eating some really beautiful food. When we spoke to the proprietors, Jacqui and Zac, they said, “Wow, you guys really want to do something like that?” I thought, “Why not?” as the place is so beautiful and lends itself to that atmosphere.

PEARL: It’s a smaller event capped at 600ppl. Do you like playing in a more intimate setting and how does playing at Stillwater compare to tens of thousands in Ibiza?
COX: The thing is I grew up playing house parties to 50-60ppl. That was awesome and even more intimate. I kind of miss those days. I love playing the big events, but I came from that place where you could play and almost reach out and touch people. You can hear their reactions to the music. In a smaller venue, I don’t have the LEDs, I don’t have all the beautiful fireworks and all that kind of stuff behind me, it’s just Eric and me, drinking our way through the wine and playing music that we love until the sun goes down. I think there’s something pure about the fact we are in Dromana, with a whole bunch of people who love music and love being outdoors and the special thing is you can bring your family as well.

PEARL: You have a house in Australia, on the Peninsula. When did you first come to the country and what did you love about it that spurred living over here?
COX: I started coming to Australia around 1989/1990. I actually did a remix for Vicious Vinyl many years ago with John Course. I didn’t know at the time (laughs), I was kidnapped and taken to Franghanistan (Frankston), brought down from St Kilda to make this remix in Frankston (laughs). Buying the place came about when Eric (Powell) moved his family to Mt Eliza and when he discovered how much I liked the Peninsula he asked if I’d be interested in buying. I bought a house and, you know what, I’ve been here 10yrs now. There’s so much to see and it just doesn’t get old at all. I really enjoy being here. Plus, I’ve met some really great people. I mean, I’m probably as bogan as the next person living around here. In fact, more recently I’ve been called a ‘Cashed Up Bogan’ (laughs).

PEARL: Now the Mobile Disco is done for 2014, what are your plans for the year? What have you been working on?
COX: I’ve been going to Ibiza every year since 1985 as a resident DJ at Space for the last 13 seasons, so I’ll be heading there later in the year. I’ve been working on tracks with Nile Rogers, who is an absolute legend and winning awards everywhere for his input with Daft Punk and Pharrell. I’ve been working really hard on the label Intec Digital and releasing some amazing tracks from some really cool guys, I’m doing a few remixes myself for a band called Goldfish, I’ve done a track for the Brazilian World Cup this year, so I’m pretty busy in the studio. I’m really pleased as I have a studio at my home in Frankston. It’s great to be able to go the beach to relax then knuckle down and do some work.

Carl & Eric’s Mobile Disco will be back in 2015. For more info on Cox, visit 



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