Today Harry the Hirer shared a video that gives a very clear and very blunt summary of the urgency, the gravity, and the desperation of the situation that the event industry is now facing.  It would be great if you could share it with your local MPs and the Minister using this link: https://savevictorianevents.good.do/acttoday/

Harry the hirer – Save Victorian Events

The simple message is that if there isn’t action today, events will not be able to happen again – as we will lose the people and businesses that are essential to making them happen. While there have been many discussions with government over many months, as at today there is still no road map and no plan for getting even the smallest events up and running again. 

Events have lead times.  So unless there is action now, many types of events won’t happen this year and some types of events will not happen this summer.  This will mean we will lose many of the people and businesses that are essential to making events happen.

Please use this link https://savevictorianevents.good.do/acttoday/ to share this video with your local members of parliament and with the Minister for Tourism and Major Events.  To tell them how serious and urgent the situation is, and that we need action now. We would also encourage you to pick up the phone and call your local members of parliament. It needs all of us doing what we can.  This just takes 20 seconds to do.

We would greatly appreciate your help with this.

Many thanks for your help,
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