As with the rest of the entertainment industry, COVID-19 meant things came to a halt for Brisbane/Australian based, international touring DJ act: Mashd N Kutcher.  After 6 years of touring, 2 Platinum records and over 1000 live shows played, the duo saw an entire year of scheduled shows across Australia, Asia, Europe, India and North America cancelled, joining the country in lockdown.

Whilst difficult to collaborate with other musicians and producers, the duo were forced to work with the tools they were given.  With Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews (the daily poster-boy for Australian news, during his Press Conference briefings), the duo decided to get those creative juices flowing one night and to remix a press conference for a laugh, sampling the phrase: “Get on The Beers.”

Since meeting each other in 2014, the classically trained pianist and drummer merged as a duo with a mission to defy what is considered to be ‘normal’ in electronic dance music. Creating a concept for a live show, that combined their love of music and incredible array of skills as multi-instrumentalists, DJs and producers to develop a world-class live show – proving themselves as not just musicians and DJs but creative masterminds and all round entertainers.

Within days, this term had turned into not only a household phrase in Australia, but over the coming months, it evolved into something much more.  The Victorian Premier’s words & sayings continued to create new ways for the boys to re-invent the song.  As Melburnians were thrust into the most challenging lockdown of the country, the song has become somewhat of an anthem, carrying a theme of positivity, hope and memories of good times at the Pub with friends, not to mention a laugh which was much needed.

As Pubs and Restaurants (and hopefully soon clubs) now begin to open up around Australia, the momentum is increasing withMashd N Kutcher’s song being the anthem of choice for pubs around the country to re-open their doors.  Melbourne, it’s time ….. to “Get on the Beers!!”

MNK are no strangers to commercial radio success, with multiple platinum records, as well as securing a weekly spot on one of Australia’s largest national commercial stations and undertaking multiple sold-out tours each year across Australia, Asia, New Zealand, North America, South America and Europe.
Mashd N Kutcher have fast become one of the most buzzed about acts in the industry, both within Australia and abroad. While their live-shows keep the dance floors jam-packed, their music has been keeping Australia’s airwaves busy with their two Platinum and Gold selling records ‘Do It Now’ and ‘My Sunshine’, a track that came in as #1 Most Played record on Australian Radio upon release by any Australian artist and reached #5 overall on iTunes. ‘Do It Now’ r was added to every major commercial station across the country.
Unless you’ve been living free from social media, there is no doubt Mashd N
Kutcher would have appeared in your newsfeed regularly, the pair have one of Australia’s biggest social reaches online in music, with each video reaching tens of millions of views – leaving the boys with over 500 million video views in total, winning the boys praise and partnerships from globally recognised brands such as Dominos, Subway and Optus to name a few and international media coverage on some of the world’s biggest news outlets including The Discovery Channel, CBS, Good Morning America and Inside Edition. From National Tiles’ Frank Walker to Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, MNK are known for staying in news headlines by remixing current affairs and trending topics. If it’s happened in the news, MNK have remixed it.

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