“I say Thank You Phil for keeping the music alive” – Carlos Santana

“He reminds me of a snake, cool, menacing, waiting to strike.
I wish I could hear more guitar players like Phil Para!” – Phil Emmanuel

“Phil actually becomes Hendrix when he plays one of Jimi’s songs”  – Eric Burdon

Guitarist/singer/songwriter and undoubtedly one of the country’s most exciting performers, Phil Para makes his way back to Somerville Hotel  on Queens Birthday Eve Sunday arvo June 11. 

Renowned for his distinctive guitar talents that  push all the boundaries, combined with exceptional vocal abilities and a powerful stage presence. Phil’s energetic performance demonstrate a remarkable degree of showmanship such as playing with his teeth and behind his head. Phil earns great respect from peers and audiences alike and attracts a cult-like following wherever he plays.

New Zealander, Phil Para has been a professional musician since age 9 & with Jimi Hendrix as his absent mentor and inspiration Phil’s talent soon grew to the point where he could accurately replicate the playing and vocal styles of the guitar greats including Hendrix, Clapton, Stevie Ray & Santana to name a few.

Phil writes many original songs, drawing from a diverse range of music with blues, jazz, Latin and rock influences fusing into a style of his own. Phil’s performances combine original music with covers to create an exciting stage show that never fails to enthrall.

Phil claims vast and loyal audiences of an incredibly varied mix of ages and backgrounds that have allowed him to become one of the most successful and continually booked acts in Australia.

Catch Phil Para as part of The Somie’s new Live Music lineup on Queens Birthday Eve Sunday June 11 from 4pm.  Somerville Hotel, Station Street Somerville.

Phil QBE Nightlife 4pm

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