Take one part Screaming Jet, and one part Dirty Deed, and shake repeatedly on a rock n ‘roll roadtrip for 25 years, and you end up with one hell of a lethal concoction that is the Aussie Outlaws.  Screaming Jets bass-man Paul Woseen and Dirty Deeds front man Alfi Rocker bring their own fermented blend to the Somerville Hotel  this Thursday Easter Eve for a night filled with more than just a few hops in their barrel.

Both founding members in their own bands, both celebrating 25 years on the road with recent anniversary tours, Pauly and Alfi take time out of their busy schedules and head south for the Summer and a night of Aussie classics not to be missed. One would have to expect some Acca Dacca and Jets anthems in the mix…but then again, anything could happen with these two boys, already winning over fans around Melbourne with their rockin new Aussie Outlaw combo.

Catch Aussie Outlaws featuring Paul Woseen and Alfi Rocker this Thursday night April 13 at Somerville Hotel, Station Street, Somerville from 7pm.  For more details visit

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