Being one of our countries most renown producers, this man has had his feet rooted in the ground since the early days of Melbourne sound.  Spinning records weekly at residencies both in Melbourne and nationwide it’s not hard to see why industry figures such as Deorro, Hardwell, Laidback Luke, Sidney Sampson, Porter Robinson Chuckie and TJR are huge supporters of his music. The man is Reece Low.  2013 saw his debut entry into the annual ITM awards where he was polled at number 24 in the top 50 artists in the country.  So far this year he has welcomed a daughter into the world as well as a top 10 placement in the Beatport charts with his track ‘Slapjack’ with Henry Fong, released on DoornRecords. With an Australian tour about to kick off this month Reece shows no signs of stopping his musical movement anytime soon.

PEARL: How did the career in DJing begin?
LOW: I have always been musically influenced since I was very young, playing the guitar and drums from a young age and I was always looking for a break through to being an artist in the music industry and Electro House was that break through. After being at a local party I watched a mate djing and I was instantly interested. I was 17 when I brought my first set of decks (CDJ 800’s with a DJM 800 Mixer) it wasn’t long after that I wanted to learn more about how the music was produced, so I brought my first copy of Ableton Live and jumped straight on Youtube and taught myself how to use it.

PEARL: When do you think your career really started gaining momentum?
LOW: My career as an artist has picked up a lot quicker than I imagined. It wasn’t until 2010-2011 I started earning a small income off djing a couple of different clubs in Melbourne CBD on a weekly basis. I think in the last two years my career has really taken off, flying nationally every week and now playing internationally.

PEARL: How would you describe your sound?
LOW: This is a great question because a lot of people only see me as a “Melbourne Bounce” producer but this isn’t the case. Yes, I may have originally started my career writing that genre and I still occasionally do write a bit of Bounce but I think now I have progressed more towards progressive/electro/bounce. I still like to keep some sort of ‘Bounce’ Influence but I’m heading towards that bigger festival vibe, big kicks, drivey leads and big chords.

PEARL: Voted at number 24 in last year’s ITM top 50 Artists in Australia what was that like? Are you hoping to climb closer to number one this year?
LOW: Being voted at any position in the Top 50 is an amazing feeling let alone #24. I didn’t expect a spot in the last year’s poll to be honest and when I got the phone call from my manager I was over the moon. I will be attending this year’s ITM Awards to hopefully see my name higher up the poll, it’s going to be hard with so many other great artists in the Top 50.

PEARL: In terms of touring are you hitting the road soon?
LOW: Yes, I have the Australian ‘Slapjack’ Tour coming up in June. The Tour is based on Mine & Henry Fongs newest release ‘Slapjack’. The track was released May 19th on one of the biggest labels in EDM ‘Doorn Records’ a sub label of Spinnin Records so that should be awesome fun.

PEARL: Can fans expect more collaborations or new tracks this year?
LOW: This year is full of collaborations and new originals. I’ve recently just finished a new collaboration with fellow Melbournian Joel Fletcher which should be a big release, I also flew up to Sydney recently to work in the studio with one of the artists behind the hit ‘Tsunami (Jump)’, we’ve started our collaboration and should have a release ready for later in the year. I’m also working with Chardy, Stevie Mink and Timmy Trumpet to name a few. Henry Fong and I are starting our follow up track for ‘Slapjack’ soon, which should also be another big release.



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