Rock’n Roller’s get ready for a riot at Sunday Soultrain!  Peninsula pride Diddy Reyes and his boys are headed for Davey’s on Sunday February 5 and we’re tipping there’ll be a few in tow.

Mod poppers, the 59 Rockers are a black rockabilly hard hittin’ band that leave you gasping for more. During the late 50’s a cool hybrid music trend of black mod rockabilly dripping with greased hip sprung up and exploded worldwide. Its up-beat boogie imbued itself into the minds of the masses, forcing them to listen at first then loving embrace it so much they simply went wild over it.

Front man & vocals, Diddy Reyes, Jordie Fitzgerald, drums and Ben Goodall on double bass have embraced this powerful genre and relives the era with shows mixed with original influences that make out for wild danceable upbeat boogie gigs.

This is one hell of a dance party gig you won’t want to miss out on peeps!

Diddy Reyes 59 Rockers hit Sunday Soultrain at Davey’s Hotel, Nepean Hwy in Frankston, February 5. Show starts at 3pm and is a free event. For more details visit www.daveys.com.au or find Sunday Soultrain on Facebook.