Nature is known for camouflaging power. A great wave begins as a ripple; an iceberg hides its bulk under the surface. Nowhere is this more evident than what lies above us, behind the veil of the beautiful blue sky lies the infinite universe.

In Hearts Wake let us in on a secret they’re been keeping from everyone recently, the Skydancer project has come into fruition, a second part to their last record- Earthwalker- which was highly acclaimed and came first on Triple J’s Hottest 100 list. In Hearts Wake carries with them a message of environmentalism inspired by their lush surroundings in their home town of Byron Bay. Over the past year In Hearts Wake have been tearing up the country with a 25 show national tour, an afternoon session on Soundwave, appearing at UNIFY festival and even supporting on multiple tours.

If Earthwalker was anything to go off, Skydancer is was expected to be incendiary. Earthwalker was my personal favourite album to come spewing out of 2014 and I personally held high hopes for Skydancer, I hope In Hearts Wake continue to carry their message of environmentalism whilst adding something different to their music, I liked Earthwalker because it was a clear divide between the stereotypical hardcore bands and In Hearts Wake, it’s the diegetic nature of the music they produce that sold me on the album. Jake Taylor (Vocalist) says “The tracks on Earthwalker were more focused, personal, emotional and subjective, whereas the topics on Skydancer were written more from an eagle eye’s point of view on the broader issues of the world. It’s important to understand that both are very relative.” Skydancer is the masculine to Earthwalker’s feminine and that in itself is truly beautiful, this upcoming album- from what we’ve seen so far is almost guaranteed to reach a status equal or higher than their first release. Ben Nairne (Guitarist) says that “Skydancer’s lyrical content is a little darker than that of Earthwalker. Certain elements are still based on the earth but there’s a lot more pointing the finger at what’s wrong with society today an how were destroying the planet as opposed to the aspects of Mother Nature that we wrote about in Earthwalker”

Since 2006 In Hearts Wake has rapidly adapted from a heavy thick almost metal sounding band to this light breath of fresh air, since their beginnings In Hearts Wake has become an internationally renowned band and have quite valuable advice to offer up and comers Nairne says “Play music because you love doing it, not because you think it’s cool or you want to make money out of it. I feel if you go into a band with either of these two things as your goal then it’s not going to be a good time. Touring can be really tough at times when you go days without showering and sleep in the van, but if you love the music- then it’s all worth it” these are the fundamentals that In Hearts Wake have followed in order to shoot themselves into the stratosphere with their career and it is fundamental advice that most young bands should work to.

If you’re not a member of merchswap pages or liking UNFD or In Hearts Wake on Facebook, one what are you doing with your life, and two you’re probably unaware of the Skydancer tour, set to hit Melbourne in June. Joining In hearts Wake will be newcomers to UNFD Storm the Sky, internationally renowned Beartooth who everyone’s been wanting to come for a while and a throwback to the scene kid days We Came As Romans. Nairne has told us “they’re stoked with all 3 of the supports for the Skydancer tour especially Beartooth and We Came As Romans who are both coming from the states. They’ve heard only good things about both bands.” In Hearts Wake are also super stoked about Storm The Sky and have said “they’re great for the Australian music scene and they hope everyone comes out early to support them.”

In Hearts Wake are making a stop at the local Chelsea Heights Hotel on their regional tour on September 11, Tickets are available through Oztix (below) we hope to see you there!


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