The Angels are taking Face To Face on the road next month, paying homage to the album that made an indelible imprint on the Aussie music scene four decades ago. Arriving at Chelsea Heights on Saturday July 14, the two-hour show features two sets, the complete album Face To Face and all The Angels classics. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of these special nights of music history.

It’s hard to believe but in 2018 it will be the 40th Anniversary of The Angels highly influential album “Face To Face“, a record which firmly put the band on the rock’n’roll map.  The album spawned tracks that still hold pride of place in the Australian psyche including “Take A Long Line”, “After The Rain” and “Be With You“.

John Brewster says the album was named “Face To Face” because in the hey-day of Australian rock the band and the audience were so close to each other that the gigs were a kind of happy up-close confrontation.

Face To Face firmly put the band on the map – both in Australia and internationally – spawning tracks that still hold an iconic place in Aussie music history such as Take A Long Line, Marseilles, After The Rain and Be With You, to name a few. The multi-platinum release was described as a ‘watershed’ for the band and changed the way Australian bands toured.  Take A Long Line is one of The Angels most loved songs. It was a smash for the Face to Face album, peaking in the national single charts at #26 and remaining there for a massive 29 weeks. The album itself remained in the charts for a year-and-a-half – an impressive achievement for a band on their second release, and one who, unbeknown to them at the time, would create the musical soundtrack of a generation.

There was something about The Angels music that stood them apart. The songwriting partnership of Brewster/Neeson/Brewster, creating great rock songs – timeless in both lyrics and melody – written for the band and for the live audiences. This true grit, something that inherently appealed to the Australian market, created a legend that has stayed with the band until today.

The Face To Face tour will traverse the classic album – with the band performing all the songs that made the LP a breakthrough for them back in 1978. For Dave Gleeson, it is an honour to be able to perform the classic tracks and take listeners down memory lane. “Face To Face is, without doubt, one of the must have albums and sits very comfortably alongside any of the greatest Australian albums of all time,” he says. “Every song, whether released as a single or not, is indelibly stamped in the music vocabulary of rock music fans, here and in many parts of the world. I heard it for the first time at the age of 10, thanks to my older brother, and now to be singing many of the songs each night on stage with John and Rick, is somewhat surreal. Chock a block with thumping riffs and evocative lyrics, Face To Face is an album 40 years old that still kicks the arse of many albums before, or since.”

Iconic rock band The Angels are gearing up for the 40th Anniversary Tour of their seminal album Face To Face in July. It is hard to believe, but in 2018 it has been four decades since Face To Face was released. To celebrate, the band will be embarking on a massive national tour that will see them perform the entire album, as well as their biggest hits.

The Angels bring their Face To Face 40 Years On Tour to Chelsea Heights Hotel on Saturday July 14.  Doors open at 8pm and tickets are on sale now from the venue or

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