The undisputed kings of the global trance movement return to Australia with their full live band. We caught up with the boys in light of their Melbourne show this week and asked them about a few things Infected Mushroom.

To pioneer your own sub genre of electronic music in the music industry today is no simple task, it is essentially equivalent to Chuck Berry inventing rock music in 1955 or Massive Attack effectively originating trip-hop in 1983…

Electronic music, mega-revolutionaries Infected Mushroom are renowned for being the sonic innovators of crafting hypnotic arrangements, complex layered melodies and synthetic rhythms known as ‘psychedelic trance’ leaving behind all their dying ‘trance’ cousins in the mainstream.

The Israel-bred, L.A. based duo Amit “Duvdev” Duvdevani and Erez Eisen have established their self- invented genre among the highest in the scene. One could easily scour pages of the Internet in vain to find the epic level of music history defining the Infected Mushroom “kingdom”.

The best is always yet to come with Duvdev and Erez. 2015 will see the release of their “Friends on Mushroom” collection which brings together all the digital EPs they released in 2014 with extra exclusive bonus tracks and remixes. “Friends on Mushrooms” never hold back for a second, doing what the guys do best: invent, experiment, create, re-arrange, flip-up, bend-over, twist-sideways while staying true to their electronic roots diced with their own trippy and psychedelic sound signature.

Where did it all start? What previous musical experience do you guys have?
We both started in Israel over twenty years ago. We were raised in homes that encouraged our musical journeys… both of us were classically trained, and we both were in bands before linking up to form Infected Mushroom.

Where did the name Infected Mushroom originates from?
We took the name from an old Israeli punk band that broke up and never did anything with it.

Briefly describe your music, and what it represents from your point of view.
Our music isn’t confined by the boundaries of ‘genre’ – we have a signature sound that involves infusing dance music with an aggressive Psychadelic rock edge.

Tell us about your Friends on Mushrooms series…
We have had a very nice run of EPs on Dim Mak called Friends on Mushrooms, showcasing some of our tunes as well as collaborations with our favorite artists. The releases have been extremely well received and culminated in an LP that shot to the top of the charts last month upon release.

How long has it been since your last Australian tour? How was that?
It’s been over a year. Crazy how quickly time goes! We always love coming to Australia. It feels like our second home – amazing people and great parties!

What do you think of the EDM scene around the world at the moment?
It’s exploding. Regardless of whether or not you like the direction of EDM, its undeniable that there has been a massive surge in dance music culture over the last 5-10 years. Raves have left the shadows of the forest & desert, and are now sponsored by the likes of soda companies.

Favourite gig/festival you’ve played?
Burning Man is awesome. We also love Tomorrowland and EDC.

Who are some of your influences? Both earlier years and current.
Primus, Metallica, Prodigy, Skrillex, Pegboard Nerds… list is endless.

Got your eye on any up and coming artists at the moment that we should expect big things from in the near future?
We are digging artists such as Au5, Far Too Loud, Savant, Opiuo … Heavy hitters.

What encouraged the transformation from laptops/computers to DJ sets and live band? Do you prefer playing as a live band or a DJ set?

Laptops are great tools for DJing in terms of looping, quick mixing, easy access to tracks, etc. That being said, we much prefer to perform as a live band. For us, DJing is fun but it gets boring. Performing as a band is explosive and tends to be more energetic.

Tell us about your 3D stage production.
Well we were touring a big production that was based on 3D projection mapping, but we toured this show heavily for 2 years so now we are giving that a break while we debut a brand new stage production, made by some talented burners – crazy animated mushrooms that shoot steam, fire, and a lighting rig that will make your eyes pop out.

Any tips for people on the rise in the scene at the moment?
Never give up. Carrying on is the only way to achieve your dreams.

What can we expect from you this Thursday at your sold out show in Melbourne?
We are bringing energy, heavy tunes, Jell-o wrestlers, and lots of camels. Bring your party hats, it’s going to be cray-cray.

All walks of life gather in attendance for the same reason: to experience Infected Mushroom, the world’s greatest psy trance band of the decades! Getting their thing done at Royal Melbourne Hotel this Thursday Feb 12 for and then they also return on Sunday Feb 19 with an old-school live performance. Head to for more information and tickets.